Canal Street plastics, reloaded

May 20 – August 22, 2021


In the course of two weeks in 2019 Patrik Graham undertook performances in a shabby gallery next to the famous Canal Plastics Center shop in New York. Twice every day he climbed up a ladder and dropped a clay self-por- trait from various heights onto the floor. The remains of the portraits, now cracked, broken and deformed were then allowed to dry. Some of them have been fired too. Others were glazed or cast in bronze. And the most recent have found a new life in glass.

Behind the shifting results in which every shift in shape and colour is unique, is the artist’s curiosity and his intense desire to experiment. The various mate- rials with their own specific characteristics, have led to a metamorphosis on the part of the broken sculptures; a rebirth and a capacity, like the Phoenix, to rise out of the ashes.

Joanna Persman

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