With the opening of Galleri Glas, Stockholm has once again a space devoted to glass art. This new gallery, established byAnna Bromberg Sehlberg and Elin Forsberg in 2017, has filled a decades long vacuum.


Almost 40 years ago I chaired the board of the Kosta-Boda glassworks. Having grown up in the century of modernism I was enthusiastic about the experimental renewal of the 1960s in the fields of architecture, product design and art. I loved becoming part of an operation which was in serious need of finding its way back to its own tradition and its once strong profile.


In the early 1980s the company suffered one of its most difficult crises, both financially and in terms of identity. The tradition of having the artistic management guiding the company’s development had been lost. Kosta-Boda was now run by financial managers who did not understand the importance of well-designed functional glass in collaboration with art glass characterized by experimentation and powerfully expressive forms and colors.


With crafts skills at the highest levels during this time, the essential conditions were met for proud glass workers, designers and artists to lead an international renewal. We showed how competent we were in competition with internationally leading glassworks. Our glass was displayed in the USA, Japan,Italy – and glass lovers throughout the world became aware of the company’s development.


But what happened to all the serious collectors and knowledgeable gallerists that I met throughout these years? Some continued to be supportive but far too many disappeared. For me, Galleri Glas represents a new beginning. Up until now, almost 30 experimental and investigative artists have been able to give an audience new opportunities to experience and learn more about the magic of glass in new contexts and new settings.


For me this exhibition featuring 20 different artistic personalities is a dream that has come true!


Tom Hedqvist and Galleri Glas have gathered their favorite works by both young and established artists. In the same way that I, four decades ago, was able to participate in recovering the glassworks’ traditions, we are once again part of a development that our own era has been waiting for.


Robert Weil




Lene Bødker


Carl Cyrén

Evelina Dovsten

Maria Bang Espersen

Ingalena Klenell

Ingegerd Råman

Simon Klenell

Lena Bergström

Liu Chien Kuang

Kristin Larsson

Tone Linghult

Sara Lundkvist

Rasmus Nossbring

Morgan Persson

Jo Andersson

Jonas Rooth

Gunnel Sahlin

Ann Wåhlström

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