The studio where Dover and Cederbaum work, is dedicated to the practice of craft, digital fabrication and whatever happens in between. It is a place for design and fabrication on a local scale, engaging in global collaborations of knowledge sharing. The studio is a creative platform where collaborations are welcome and appreciated through the practice of dialogue-lead processes. It holds a multi-disciplinary approach and hopes to provide a free space for discussion and creation, where contrasted ideas and styles often meet. The studio’s work questions the traditional boundaries between design, crafts and production; addresses the cultural origins of materials and techniques; and creates objects that tell the story of their making.


Originating from industrial design, Noam’s work has embraced hands-on craft, specialising in glass and ceramics. A keen open source technology maker and fascinated by craft history, Noam is looking for ways to create a synergy between traditional craft and digital fabrication. He sees his work as part of a chronology of craft knowledge, where today’s digital developments present new opportunities to the craft community, through open sourcing and an innovative approach. He is developing ceramic and glass 3D printers, tailored for a studio environment.

Michal’s work includes textile, paper and ceramic design, street art and projection design for stage. Originating from visual communication, her work connects between contextual, cultural, often political, two-dimensional images and three-dimensional objects. While engaged in processes of material, form, tactility and colour, Michal hopes to formulate relationships between crafted objects and a broader discourse. She wishes to address the distinction between ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in the fields of craft and design. It is the BEING that intrigues her most: What does it mean, to be a craftswoman? where do our motivation and norms come from? What is our sources of our forms and materials? How can we find relevance in our practice?

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Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12-18, FRiday 12-17, saturday-sunday 12-16, monday closed
INFO@GALLERIGLAS.SE, +46 70 823 11 87