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Lena Bergström is one of Sweden’s top award-winning and most productive designers. Art glass, utility glass, lighting, textiles, jewelry, watches and public art: nothing is impossible for Lena. Personally, Lena values candle holders produced in a series as highly as she values unique art glass. She is therefore as popular among utility glass buyers as she is among art glass collectors. Her work is imbued with a distinct fascination with polished crystal and together with Orrefors Kosta Boda’s skilled craftspeople, Lena is constantly pushing the limits. A large-scale example of this is the 840 kilo reception desk in polished Orrefors crystal at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg.“The unique characteristics of glass and the glass studio environment always inspire grand achievements, but at the same time, I want the final result to look self-evident, natural and beautiful.”Lena’s very first piece of art glass, Äppleskruttet (Apple Core), was part of Orrefors’ collection exhibition Minnenas plats (Memories’ Place) in 1995. The designers were tasked with selecting an object from Orrefors’ glass archive and using it as inspiration. “My choice of Ingeborg Lundin’s iconic vase Äpplet, The Apple, from 1955 was no coincidence. In order to go further and renew, you have to understand your history and not ignore your heritage. But to be sure, it felt like I had eaten up a national treasure...”The first editions of Planets, Lena’s best-known art glass today, were first created in 2001. In this distinctive universe, new planets are regularly added, shifting in color and shape depending on the season and theme. “Each planet should be unique and beautiful. Just like people. We all come from an egg with different contents and then we’re polished into various characters. We are our own little planets.”

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