Anna Berglund (b. 1973) is a Swedish artist who grew up in the province of Småland. In 2006 she gained her MFA at Konstfack [University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm] in the Department of Ceramics and Glass and has since devoted herself primarily to working with artistic treatments of our common public domains. So far this has resulted in some twenty works throughout Sweden, many of which have been, wholly or partially, in glass. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to enjoy two sculptural artistic treatments for terminal 5 at Arlanda Airport which are currently being specified and which are scheduled for completion in 2023/2024. One of these artistic treatments will be a large-scale installation using mould-blown glass and LED lighting.

The aesthetics of the 19th century together with their richness of design are constantly recurring features of Anna Berglund’s work. The portraits of terrines in blown and foliated glass which were one of the main features of Anna Berglund’s graduate show, together with a casket containing a variegated collection of table lamps or decorations, were purchased by the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm as early as 2006. Anna Berglund’s passion for luxurious decoration can be seen as a species of rebellious opposition to the restrained expression of minimalism as well as functionalism’s sententiousness and standardization.

In 2008 Anna Berglund was invited by Statens konstråd [Public Art Agency Sweden] to undertake an artistic treatment for the Justus Lipsius building in central Brussels in connection with Sweden’s forthcoming presidency of the EU Council in 2009. The brief resulted in a composition of chandeliers on a very generous scale of classically drop-shaped items. The chandeliers were blown at the Orrefors and Kosta glassworks and contain differently coloured LED lamps. The work, entitled Crown Jewels of Småland, is now permanently hung in the Lex building in Brussels since Statens konstråd, together with the government at the time, decided to donate the work to the EU Council.

Anna Berglund – a passion for rich ornamentation and “crafts for the superior classes” unites glass art with paper art.


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