MARCH 30 - APRIL 27, 2017

“Intervolve” is a selected series of glass drawings and spike sculptures. K’inan developed several techniques while studying at the Royal College of Art. Two techniques shown in “Intervolve” are glass drawings and spike sculptures. Both originated from a series of drawings and short texts which K’inan began making in 2012.

During her time in the Ceramics and Glass program at the Royal College of Arts, K’inan developed her approach to what drawing is and what it could be. The relationship between the artist and the drawing became her focus, especially the immediacy with which a drawing can express an emotion or thought.

“Drawing is how I tell stories and derive inspiration from my ever-changing surroundings, made
concrete through the interconnection of every line. Each glass drawing is an abstract sculpture, and each piece is based on a previous piece and thus increases in intensity, depth, color and rhythm. My practice is also rooted in my interest in natural phenomena.”

Statement for the glass drawings and spike sculptures

Carving out patterns from plaster molds bears many similarities to printing, sculpture and painting techniques. K’inan carves directly on the surface of the plaster mold in order to create unique glass drawings and spike sculptures using the same direct method she would use to paint a picture. She uses several existing and self-made tools to hollow out shapes in the hard plaster. She does this work in reverse, compared with her paintings or works on paper. To make each drawing, K'inan
must either blend her own colors or use Bullseye Fine Frit glass to create layers of colors the same way a painter might use watercolors. Like Turner’s travel paintings, she uses her immediate surroundings as inspiration when choosing colors for her work.

Kira Phoenix K’inan

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